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As my friend, my family, or a stranger who has come across this blog because you are seeking answers.....this is a journey that God has sent me on. I can only guess it is to help His children, and also to offer support to others who are contemplating taking this journey themselves. We can all help and support each other as we do what the Bible has commanded us to do!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  For 24 years, this has been a very difficult day for me.  While I am VERY blessed to have a Godly mother, I am brought to tears each year.  On this day, I don't get to hug my daughter.  She doesn't look at me with love in her eyes and wish me happy Mother's Day.  She hugs another woman.  She wishes happy Mother's Day to another woman.  The woman God chose to be her mom.

But for the past 5 years, I have been humbled.  People wish ME a happy Mother's Day.  This year, someone even sent me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and said they were from all the children who can not tell me how much they appreciate me.  While I am NOT the mother to these children.....I do like to think of myself as their "middle mom" (There is a book of this title that I highly recommend you read immediately).

This year.....the mothers of all of these children (30 so far) are heavy on my heart.  Only 2 moms have earned renewed custody of their children.  So, there are many moms out there who will not get to hug their children tomorrow.  Their children will not wish them happy Mother's Day.  And, while many people have said...."well, its their own fault, their own doing"....as I have stated before...their sin is no different from yours or mine.  They are still moms.  And they will still weep over missing their child on Mother's Day.  So, this year....please join me in lifting these mothers in prayer.  That God will grant them peace.  That they will know His forgiveness, and be able to forgive themselves.

Because.....giving birth to a child DOES make you a mother.  I love my daughter more today than I did the day she was born.  And these moms, while they are not able to mother their children....ARE the mother to these children.  They carried them for 9 months.  They gave birth to them.  And, while not shown in the same way you and I would show it...they LOVE these children.

So, remember to pray for them.  To love them.  Because....its Mother's Day.

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